A vaccine for the Indian and World Economy: India can simply change the corona crisis into an opportunity. Here’s find how....!!!

We have lived with Covid-19 for over six months now. The time passed has helped us better understand the virus that astonished most health experts. This also allows us to plan for a post-Covid India, when hopefully the virus would be in control, but we will still have the enormous job of rebuilding our economy.

Here’s what we know about corona now. First, the bad news – Covid is fairly resilient. No other flu virus has ever spread like this in India’s summer heat, for instance. The virus won’t just ‘go away on its own’ as many felt it eventually would. Especially in large, relatively free democracies, containing the virus is a daunting task. In fact, the top three countries with coronavirus cases (the US, Brazil, India) are the world’s top three democracies.

However, there is also some good news. The death rate versus corona positives is lower than originally thought (less than 1%). Since the virus began early this year, global deaths are a little under 7 lakh, at the time of writing this article. While this is a big absolute number, an estimated 3.3 crore people have died this year worldwide, from all possible causes (source: worldometer).

One more positive news about corona pandemic is that face masks and social distancing, relatively simpler to apply than full lockdowns, seem to work just as well in containing the spread. Now finally, the most positive and good news is that many countries vaccines are in final, Phase-III trials.

While success in these trials is not guaranteed, with so many different vaccines being tested, there is an excellent chance that we would have a vaccine within the next six months. As an optimist and based on the sheer number of trials and the historical success rates of past Phase-III vaccine trials, I would put the chance of a Covid-19 vaccine being available by February 2021 at over 80%!

For optimists we must be. If we give up hope and be like hopeless, we will never be able to make the Indian economy recover. We need to begin the work for a post-corona world right now if we want to make the most of it.

To pessimists, a crisis feels like the end. To me that is a loser’s mindset, something we need to shed right now. For optimists this crisis is not the end, but the beginning. This is a wonderful, once-in-a-century opportunity for India. The entire world was smug and comfortable with their factories churning out output in China. If they had to grow, they simply added proportions in China. Not anymore.

Now, even if they don’t shift their existing business out of China, they will anticipate twice about adding more capacity at the same location or opening new ones. This is where India has to come in, wave its hand, and say to the world – ‘Guys, we are ready. We’ll manufacture stuff for you. Give us a chance.’

Will merely waving our hand and extending invitations be enough? Absolutely not. We have to be ready. We have to not just summons; we have to be an attractive, alternative/proxy or surrogate destination to China. For this we need to change a few things. This isn’t just about fiscal spending and gobbledygook of suggestions with unending economic data.

Here’s what we can and need to do in practical terms.

1) Have better internet connectivity – It’s 2020, there’s no excuse for having sluggish data or bad Wi-Fi connections. Post-Covid, reliance on data has risen manifold. India is still terrible in data and Wi-Fi speeds compared to China and other Asian countries. Do what it takes. Fix it. You cannot be taken seriously as a nation if you have bad Wi-Fi.

2) Improve the speeds of our ports, trains and even roads. Ports in Hong Kong and China move goods five times faster than us. Again, no excuse for all this in 2020. Endless paperwork, permissions, officials behaving as if every business is crooked unless proven otherwise is no way to be competitive. Stop it. Similarly, with lesser demand for aviation, trains and roads have to become faster. Our trains still move at 1980s speeds. Not every train needs to be a bullet train. But they don’t need to be bullock carts either. Similarly, roads need to be faster if we hope to compete with China.

3) Create an Arhchan/Hurdle mukt Bharat. While the government is executing rather well its own political Congress mukt agenda, it’s time we really make business arhchan/Hurdle free. Arhchan means obstacle in English, but the Hindi word is loaded with far more meaning. Arhchans are a way of life in India. Arhchans/Hurdles are those irritating barrier that will come up from babus, regulators, local politicians, anyone with power of any kind who will harass any investor.

If someone wants to move a $200 million plant out of China to India, how can you guarantee me that there will be no arhchan or hurdle? Answering this basic question will determine India’s post-Covid economic status, the future of our new generation and frankly, India’s place in the world. Can we make Indian business arhchan/hurdle free?

India can simply transform the corona crisis to an opportunity. Maybe that is why we threaten China a bit (which might even explain their ratcheting up of border tensions). However, mere chest thumping, slogans or patriotic zeal won’t make us the next manufacturing center, . We have to focus, prepare and offer something enthralling to the world.

The indian government has formed a task force which will overlook the distribution of vaccine in the country. As per reports, the task force comprises representatives from all relevant ministries and institutions which will be involved in the smooth distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in the country once it is available in the market. I hope everything will happen like the government said.

Once Covid is over, let’s not go back to unproductive issues. In fact, let’s start getting ready for a corona vaccinated world right now. Let’s vaccinate our economy so that it can remain healthy and thrive in the coming decades.


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Ram Bhoomi Poojan | Ram Janm Bhoomi | PM Modi In Ayodhya | Ram Mandir | Must Read the Facts about Lord Shri Ram Mandir

Ayodhya is in full swing for historic ‘bhoomi pujan’ ceremony at Ram temple on August 5, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the temple. The grand temple is expected to be about 270-280 feet in breadth, 280-300 feet in length and 128 feet in hight.

 As preparations is in full swing, the city will evidence Diwali like celebrations to mark the construction of the Ram Temple. As devotees are thrilled ahead of the foundation stone laying ceremony, soil, holy water from across the country have reached Ayodhya to be used in Ram Mandir rituals on groundbreaking day.

Once again as a nation we look to be living up to our reputation of creating a controversy on an issue that in reality should be an occasion of pride for the whole nation. After nearly five centuries aspirations of all Indians, who believe in India, are about to be realized in the form of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Lord Ram is not only a religious deity for Hindus but also part of Indian heritage and therefore it is appropriate to say ‘All Indians’ instead of just limiting it to Hindus.

There was a lot of doubt before the Supreme Court gave its verdict/decision on the Ayodhya land dispute in November 2019. To the credit of Muslim litigants and the community as a whole, they accepted the verdict with grace and humility, a few disgruntled voices notwithstanding. This was particularly true for Hindu and Muslim communities in Ayodhya where everyone seemed to be relieved that a verdict had been reached.  They have lived there in harmony for ages and continue to do so today also when the construction of Ram Mandir is expected to start on 05 August with a simple ceremony. Both communities in Ayodhya have pledged to work towards building the temple and it is indeed a very welcome step as it also means development and prosperity for all. 

But then there are some on our country who cannot digest this simple truth. For them it is a taboo to see Hindus and Muslims standing shoulder to shoulder. Therefore, they have to create a controversy and ensure that Hindu Muslim divide raises its ugly head and vitiates the environment. The sad part is that most of these people are neither local residents of Ayodhya nor directly concerned in any manner with temple construction. Some political leaders from the opposition, a few pseudo seculars and some Muslim community leaders have jumped in the fray to question the building of the temple for various reasons. Needless to say, none of the reasons expounded by them stand to any scrutiny or have any merit.

Some are now casting aspersions on the retired Chief Justice of India (CJI) under whose tenure the verdict was delivered while conveniently forgetting that it was a five-judge bench that delivered the judgment where CJI was just another member. One of the most senior politicians in the country wonders if building of the temple will help the nation in its fight against coronavirus? A question that frankly does not even warrant a response as it just shows a biased mindset and a deliberate lack of understanding of what Lord Ram means and stands for in this country. 

 For any right-thinking Indian citizen, irrespective of his religion, Ayodhya event has to be seen as a national event that is linked to nation’s heritage first and foremost. Any linkage to Hindu religion comes later. If any Indian cannot accept this axiomatic truth then his being a true Indian itself will be questionable. 

There has been a lot of debate on the participation of Prime Minister in the event in Ayodhya on 05 August. It is nothing but a ploy by Modi baiters to deride the Prime Minister. For many of them it is their only vocation since PM Modi assumed the highest elected office in the country in 2014. Are Prime Ministers not allowed to have their beliefs as individuals? Nowhere dose the Indian constitution say that such leaders cannot practice their religion. Is it possible to believe that none of India’s past Presidents, Vice Presidents or Prime Ministers ever visited a religious place of worship? Ayodhya event is a once in a life time event for the nation. Attendance of the Prime Minister, who is holder of the highest elected office in the country, is warranted in his capacity as the NUMBER ONE representative of the people. 

Some have questioned the wisdom of holding ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ when the nation is going through the current Corona pandemic. Suffice it to say that all safeguards will be in place and all preventive measures taken as required. There are some who have put forth an argument that if this event can be allowed why not allow Eid celebrations that are around the corner. This is again a very motivated argument aimed at creating mistrust and to stroke communal tensions. 
The festival of  Eid comes every year unlike the Ayodhya event which is a one-time event that the nation has been waiting for five centuries. Next, a festival like Id will mean thousands of congregations across the country unlike the Ayodhya event which is restricted to one place. It is obvious that while a single national event can be organized in a controlled manner with all precautionary measures in place, it will be impossible to exercise similar control over thousands of localized and uncontrolled Id events across the country. A similar logic would be applicable to Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja and Diwali events this year if the pandemic threat continues to loom over the nation. 

It is need to understand that ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ for Ram Temple is not a political event. But given the opposition’s opposition to the event, there is a danger of it being seen as one. If that happens the onus will be on the opposition and not the government of the day. If there is any indirect political fallout from the event in favour of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) then there is very little the opposition can do about it. However, by opposing it and coming out with lop sided statements and baseless reasons on why it should not be held, the opposition is only ensuring political gains for BJP. Frankly a mature opposition should have seen the writing on the wall and supported the event. That would have resulted in a favorable political fallout for them many times more than what BJP may get today. But then current Indian political opposition and maturity were divorced five years ago and a remarriage is nowhere on the cards given the quality of their leaders and politicians. 

About 135 Saints/sages belonging to 135 spiritual traditions will take part in the spiritual programme. Some citizens of Ayodhya have also been invited by the Shri Ram Janm Bhumi Teerth Shetra Trust. Whereas, Ayodhya is already in the festive mood and eagerly waiting for the historic moment. Many religious activities including Ram Keertan and reciting of Ramcharitmanas have already began in Ayodhya.

The preparations for Deepotsav will happen on and Ghats of holy Sarayu River are beautifully decorated. The town is all ready to witness the historic Bhoomi Poojan ceremony tomorrow. PM Modi will first have Darshan at Shri Hanumangarhi Mandir tomorrow after which he will perform Pooja of Bhagwan Ramlalla at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi.

After that it'll be followed by the Bhoomi Poojan and the stage programme. Secretary of Shri Ram Janm Bhumi Teerth Shetra Trust Champat Rai said that Apart all from the 175 invitees for the ceremony, Mahesh Bhagchandka and Pawan Singhal from family of late Ashok Singhal, Former President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad will be Mukhya Yajman in Bhoomi Pujan.

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Rafale In India | Must Read power of Rafale | A Fighter Jet

The first batch of the much-awaited Rafale fighter jets took off from France (July 27) and are en-route to India. India had purchase 36 twin-engine fighter planes from Dassault Rafale for an estimated 58,000 crore Rupees.

The first batch/group includes five aircraft, being flown by Indian Air Force pilots. They flew from the Merignac airbase near Bordeaux in France.

The first fighter jet was handed over to the Indian Air Force in October 2019, in France, in a ceremony attended by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and French Minister for Armed Forces Florence Parly.

Ten aircraft have been delivered on schedule, as per a statement by the Indian Embassy in France on Monday. Of these ten, five have left for India, while the rest five will remain in France for training purpose.

The distance covered by them is nearly about 7,000 kms, and will require air-to-air refueling. While the distance can be covered within a day as well, with the refueling, it has been planned that the jets need to make a stop in United Arab Emirates(UAE).

They will be bring up to the Al Dhafra French air base near Abu Dabhi on Monday, and will take off from there for Ambala on next wednesday morning.

Are all the five jets the same?

No, the jets India has bought are a mix of single-seater and two-seater planes.

 The twin-seater air planes have the current Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria’s initials, “RB”, as he played a significant/important role in negotiating the deal.

Whereas, single-seater aircraft having the initials of the last chief of Air Force, retired Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa.

When the other jets will come?

Out of the ten delivered to the Air Force, five are in France for training. Pilots and support personnel of the Indian Air Force have been given complete training about the aircraft and the weapon systems by Dassault in France.

According to the Indian Embassy in France, IAF batches will continue to be trained in France for the next nine months.

The delivery of all the 36 jets is scheduled by the end of 2021.

What happens when they reach India?

The Indian Air Force crew and ground crew have undergone comprehensive training on the aircraft, including its highly advanced weapons systems, which is fully operational now. Post arrival, efforts will focus on internationalization of the aircraft at the earliest.

The immediate focus when they reach will be to ensure that the pilots and ground crew put their heads down and become integrated with the overall IAF operations at the earliest. Further, it is important that the ferry-in of fighters as well as move of support crew is completed safely and swiftly.

The first jets will comprise the resurrected No 17 ‘Golden Arrows’ squadron of the Air Force, and will be stationed in Ambala. The Golden Arrows had upraised in 1951 and have been involved in a number of significant/important operations through their history, including the Kargil War. But after the Air Force started to phase out the Mig-21, which were operated by the Golden Arrows, the squadron was disbanded in 2016.

Rafale is a twin-jet combat aircraft manufactured by Dassault Aviation and has the capability of carrying out a wide range of short and long-range missions. It can be used to perform ground and sea attacks, reconnaissance, high-accuracy strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.

The fighter aircrafts were used in combat operations in various nations, including Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Syria, and Iraq. Egypt, Qatar and India also ordered the aircraft.

Rafale combat aircraft was demonstrated at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition in March 2019.

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) qualified the Rafale F3-R standard in October 2018. The F3-R is an advanced version of Rafale F3 standard with improved adaptability; In March 2017, the French Government approved the development of new advanced Rafale F4 standard.

The UAE was anticipated to receive the Rafale under a $10bn contract to replace its 60 ageing Mirage fighters. In November 2011, however, the deal has came to a standstill when the UAE designated Dassault’s price and terms as ‘uncompetitive’.

In February 2012, the Indian Ministry of Defense selected Rafale for the Indian Air Force’s MMRCA (medium multi-role combat aircraft) programme. The contract is worth approximately $20bn.

According to the deal, Dassault will supply 126 Rafale fighters. The first 18 fighters will supplied by the end of 2015 and the rest will be manufactured in India under a technology transfer to Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL). This contract was the first international furnish for Rafale.

The Indian Government finalized a contract in April 2015 for the acquisition of 36 (28 single-seat and eight dual-seat) Rafale aircraft. An intergovernmental deal worth €7.87bn ($8.82bn) was signed to facilitate the purchase in September 2016. France hand-over the 1st aircraft to India on October 2019.

An Alter, multi-image head-level display presents planned circumstances and sensor data, while two touchscreen lateral displays show the aircraft system parameters and mission data.

A pilot also has a helmet-mounted sight and display. A camera and on-board recorder records the image of the head-up display throughout the mission.

Rafale Feature's :

Rafale can bear a payloads of more than 9ton on 14 hardpoints for the airforce version, with 13 for the naval version. The range of weapons includes: Mica, Magic, Sidewinder, ASRAAM and AMRAAM air-to-air missiles;

The Rafale has a twin gun pod and a Nexter (formerly Giat) 30mm DEFA 791B cannon, which can fire 2,500 rounds a minute. The Rafale is rig-out with laser designation pods for laser guidance of air-to-ground missiles.

The Rafale multirole combat fighter is equipped with an RBE2 passive electronically scanned radar developed by Thales, which has look-down and shoot-down capabilities. The radar can trace up to eight targets simultaneously and provides threat identification and prioritization.

Optronic systems include the Thales / SAGEM OSF infrared search and track system, installed in the nose of the aircraft. The optronic suite carries out search, target identification, telemetry and automatic target discrimination and tracking.

In January 2012, the French Ministry of  Defense awarded a ten-year contract to Thales to maintain the electronic systems and warfare of the aircraft.

The aircraft is also equipped with fixed-frequency VHF / UHF radio for communications with civil air traffic control.

The Rafale multi-role combat fighter is powered by two M88-2 engines, each providing a thrust of 75kN.

The radar altimeter is the AHV 17 altimeter from Thales, which is suitable for very low flight. The Rafale has a TACAN tactical air navigation receiver for en-route navigation and as a landing aid.

The Rafale has an SB25A combined interrogator-transponder developed by Thales. The SB25A is the first IFF using electronic scanning technology.

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Happy Friendship Day | A Blog for my friends | International Friendship day

Hello Everyone,
                          Friendship is definitely one of the most beautiful bonds in the world. You can not imagine your life without friendship. Those of us who believe that we do not have any friends can actually claim that they a best friend in God who helps and takes care of us all the time.

So I genuinely believe that there’s no on this earth who is without a friend. A friend makes you feel happy-great even when you don’t feel the same about yourself. He can uplift your mood in seconds and make you laugh even in the seemingly most impossible situations.

 His advice can be trusted even though he may not always give you the best one 😉 Friends make our life beautiful by being around us like warm sun rays giving us hope, joy, and a shoulder to cry on when you need one! (Don’t forget to check out my views as well at the end of the post!) I’m sure you all gonna enjoy this post!!!

The bond between friends is something amazing and unique that is beyond words. It is a connection between two souls that keeps on growing each day. From making the best memories with our friends to fighting with them over silly things, the bond just keeps on getting stronger.

The meaning of friendship cannot be confined to a few words. It’s understanding each other without having to say anything. It’s being a part of each other’s lives from miles away. It’s helping each other in times of difficulty. It’s enjoying every moment to the end with each other. Yet, it’s so much more…

When I was writing for the Friendship Day, I was quite thrilled to say, “Yes, I would love to!” And so I had thought of what friendship personally means to my life and I am going to define it in my ways where even a reader like you might think that one of my definitions is relevant with yours at the moment.

Having a friend like Neha Di (Madonna), the truest friend in my life , we had proved that distance does not really matter. Where in our hearts, friendship remains and nothing can break us apart whether it could be time or distance. As we count the years of being the best among the friends with each other since childhood up to now, we realize that being far from each other actually goes beyond extreme than being together.

Having few friends as older as we get is actually having more to share than having thousands yet they might go against you in the end. Leaving you with one of the most inspiring words from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Happy Friendship Day to everyone, may you love every moment you spent with your friend on this special day.

I met my best friend on the ECC(Ewing Christian College) on the ground of our college. we have been through many different situations, circumstances, ups, and downs, but we have never left each other’s side. It’s such a unique experience to have a friend that knows the ins and outs of your personality and has watched you grow up into the woman you are today. We now live in separate states living very separate lives, but, no matter how different our worlds may be we always find time to connect. That’s what real friendship is.

With Friendship Day coming up, I reflect upon the friends that I have made over the years and what friendship has impacted me the most. My best friend, Ambreen & Saima and I met them while in last semester exams almost last December. She exemplifies what I always wanted/needed in a friend and that is honesty, open communication, an accountability partner, and someone that shows me, unconditional love. Yes, she also always shows me, unconditional love, evenwhen my anxiety gets so bad that I shut down and tune out the world. She truly is a remarkable friend and the qualities that she possesses are what makes her so special to me. Wishing my best friend and everyone else a Happy Friendship Day!

For most of my life, I thought that friendship was accidental. As though the people you happened to come across were either potential friends or not. I even believed that some people were great at friendship- like a natural talent you happen to be born with. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve discovered friendship is far deeper and more intentional than a serendipitous meeting with a like-minded person.

 These days I feel very differently about friends! They are my life source, my sounding boards, my confronters and my soft place to land when my heart is broken. They make me a better person with every interaction. And I’m a very privileged person to have many of them; a whole crew of friends who genuinely care for my journey. Friendship is depth and purpose, investment and genuine love. And it is something very worth being deliberate about.

What is friendship? Many may have a different perspective on friendship but let me tell you about my friends!  We have seen each other at every stage of life and still stuck together. I can’t imagine life without them. They are my support system in every capacity. They have seen me at my worst and made me better, they have seen me down and helped me rise.

Friendship is a sisterhood, Friendship is happiness, trust, support and never judged. My sister is my lifeline and have been my light in dark times. Friendship is love.

Whenever I think about Friendship a persons who come to my mind promptly is my beautiful sister! Since our early childhood, we have shared a bond which I haven’t shared with anyone else. I’m really thankful to God to have blessed me a sister  in my life who do not let me feel down ever. Whenever I need some advice, counseling, guidance or just wanna feel happier by sharing a good news it’s they who come to my mind. My younger sis Sakshi, offers me valuable life lessons based on her own experience and ability.

Before I finish, I want to say few lines to all my friends..which is..:

I’ll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(Like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(‘Cause you’re there for me too)

Thank you..!!!

Impact of Coronavirus on the market | losses due to coronavirus across world-wide

By now you have heard about the Coronavirus.

The worst reality is that it is spreading very fast and quickly and will continue to spread for a while.

Did you know that we are getting roughly 45,000 new cases a day and it’s growing fast?

No one really knows how many people will be infected (or will pass away sadly), but it has caused the global markets to crash, which means as a business (or even a marketer), you will be affected.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, before I go into that, let me be clear on what marketers should NOT do.

Don’t exploit the situation
The first thing we are seeing is people trying to make most of the fear.

What I mean by this is supplies are running low around the whole across the globe. From masks to hand sanitizer and several other basic requisite… I am seeing marketers buying them and then reselling them on eBay or running ads and selling them for 10-50x(times) the price.

This isn’t marketing.

Not only is it wrong but it is also very short-sighted. Sure you may be able to make a quick/fast money, but it won’t be last…

So now that we got that out of the way, what does the Coronavirus mean for marketers?

Businesses are going to struggle for a while
Even if the virus slows down fast as the numbers have decreased in China, businesses are going to struggle for well over a year because they will have to make-up or recover for their losses.

For example, in China the virus caused retail sales to drop by 20.5% and the unemployment rate arises/increased to 6.2 in February.

When companies like Apple shut down their stores to reduce the spread, it means less income and less profit. Sure they are able to pay their employees during their temporary shutdown, but not all companies have their bank balance like apple and most of them won’t be able to do the same.

Just look at the travel industry. The virus is expected to lose them 800 billion dollars. Virgin Atlantic just asked their staff  member's to take an 10-week unpaid leave.

It’s predicted that in total COVID-19 will cost/hurt the global economy $2.7 trillion.

And not only are people losing money but they are losing traffic and customers.

If you are in the news industry or financial space, your traffic are touching the sky.

And if you are in the travel industry, you will see huge drops/decreased in traffic.

You can’t tell by the stats or graph, but e-commerce was a mixed bag, depending on what sites sold, traffic was either up or down. For example, if you were selling baby products like diapers or wipes then you saw a nice bump in traffic.

But if you were selling luxury goods like big-screen televisions you saw a decrement in traffic.

Conversions were also down for most industries
From a conversion rate standpoint, we saw drops in most industries as well. Even the financial sector, which had big traffic/customers booms in traffic, decrement in conversions.

As for news agencies (media) sites, they had a big conversion lift as many of them charge for people to read their updated information.

 No Person didn’t want to miss out on Coronavirus, political and financial information with the turmoil, hence news sites saw a nice lift.

And with some sectors like travel, they are currently offering massive discounts, which is helping counteract some of their traffic declines/decrement. Overall, they are still seeing a massive/huge revenue hit.

So what does this mean for marketers?

Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful
I didn’t come up with that saying, it’s actually a line from Warren Buffett.

You will see people cutting back because the economy is predicted to get hit by 2.7 trillion dollars and experts are saying that we are going to go into a recession.

You even have billionaire investors like Carl Ichan saying that the market has more room to go down and we should expect the sell-off has longer to go.

During an economic downturn, you’ll find that you will have less competition, which means it is easier and faster to get results, and in some cases, you’ll be able to get deals, such as a potential reduction in many fields.

Just think of it this way: out of all the publicly traded companies in the United States, if the market keeps going down, many of them will struggle to pay off their debt, which has exploded to $75 trillion.

This means some companies will either go bankrupt, get bought out, or get bailed out by the government. Some may be able to cut costs enough to pay their bills, but for most, it will be too late.

Again, this just means less competition for you.

If you are lucky enough to be sitting on some cash during the recession this is the best time to buy out other companies. The ideal ones to buy are media companies.

The more eyeballs you control, the more power you will hold in the future. Plus, by controlling eyeballs, it gives you the ability to sell anything you want in the future.

In other terms
, this is your opportunity to strike and gain market share.

So when you see your competitors closing down or slowing down on their marketing, the goal is to double down. You may not see the biggest return right away, but in the long term, you will.

Every time the market goes down by 20% or more it roughly takes 536 days to recover. And we don’t even know how far down we will go or when the bottom will be.


Hopefully, the Coronavirus passes soon and it has minimal impact on lives. For the time being, try not to socialize with others too much or go into crowded places.

And as for your marketing, this is the time for you to double down. Don’t be fearful when others are also afraid. Do what Warren Buffett does… be greedy when other people are fearful.

Thank you...!!!!

Book Reviews | Who will cry when you die? | Must Read book by Robin Sharma To enhance your life.

    Before getting into the books, firstly i would like to give you some info about the book's author Robin Sharma.
Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer, resigning his career as a Lawyer, self publishing his first self development book, he has now grown up as a leading public speaker motivating everyone in this world to become a leader at any role. If you are an Indian, you will definitely read it as it’s a book by an Indian writer, because the book will be so simple and easy to read.   

Robin Sharma well known for his book called Monk-who sold the Ferrari. He has written several books among all his books i'm going to give you review about Who Will Cry When You Die?

"When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice." -Ancient Sanskrit saying Does the gem of wisdom quoted above strike a chord deep within you? Do you feel that life is slipping by so fast that you just might never get the chance to live with the meaning, happiness, and joy you know you deserve? If so, then this very special book by leadership guru Robin S. Sharma, the author whose Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series has transformed the lives of thousands, will be the guiding light that leads you to a brilliant new way of living. In this easy-to-read yet wisdom-rich manual, Robin S. Sharma offers 101 simple solutions to life's most complex problems, ranging from a little-known method for beating stress and worry to a powerful way to enjoy the journey while you create a legacy that lasts. Other lessons include "Honor Your Past," "Start Your Day Well," "See Troubles as Blessings" and "Discover Your Calling." If you are finally ready to move beyond a life spent chasing success to one of deep significance, this is the ideal book for you.

In this book summary, you’ll learn how to lead a life with purpose. You’ll see how you can have a positive impact on the world around you, so that when you’re gone, the loss will surely be felt.

In this summary of Who Will Cry When You Die? by Robin Sharma,In this book summary you’ll learn:

what the Romans thought about exercise;
how to make your commute more productive; and
precisely how many more hours you’ll live because of exercise.

It is the Robin’s first book that I have read, and I must say that I have fallen in love with his ideas and the way of life. The book is full of teaching about “the right way to lead a good life”. The book represents the content to us in a list like format, rather than depicting it in a story format or in a complicated manner. It is easy to understand, simple but more powr-ful. It is like Check-List, to make an interesting read.

I think this is the best book I have ever read. In a way it gives so many good advices. After reading and also while reading this book I pulled myself together and became more and more interested. It inspired me to wake up earlier in the mornings, to think more positive, etc. While reading this book, I wrote down some notes, and after finishing reading this book, I continued to read my notes over and over again. I really recommend this book if you need a little push to make some things change in yourself-because it has this amazing power to make you change.

It really makes me think a lot after reading this book. It is just like asking me whether am I living my life for some purpose and doing the right thing. It really helps me to understand the views in the future. Opens your mind! It helps to understand the differences between surviving, staying and living.

Some of the important points I learnt and follow from the book are :

• Be more than your moods. Your success range should never depend on your mood.
• Carry a goal card. Write your goals on some cards and always carry in your shirt pocket. Keep them literally close to your heart. It really helps you in achieving them faster.
• Stop Complaining. Start Living. Add value to yourself and to your society.
• Enjoy the path, not just reward. Write a legacy statement, which would be read by the next generations.
• Honor your past. Treat your troubles as blessings.
• Reading a book is a good habit. Reading good books is a better habit.
The book is all about living the life meaningfully. It gives advice that would surely give one a new way of approaching life. It contains a great many lessons for us all to practice in life. It mainly focuses on how to lead a prosperous life. It reminds what we are losing in our life. Each lesson is a lesson for life. It teaches us to start enjoying for all the things, even though they are small things in life.

After going through the entire 101 lessons, I got inspired to start living in a different and a better way. All 101 lessons hold equal significance in our day to day life though, especially ‘Learn to say No Gracefully’, ‘Learn to be Silent’, ‘Focus on the Worthy’, ‘Always carry a Book with you’ and more. Another point , which I liked very much in this book, is one I have been practicing for some time; I actually started practicing a few of them to start with, so there will be balance, effectiveness in my daily lives. There is no doubt in that.

It gives solutions to some questions….

 Discover Your Mission
 Every Day, Be Kind/Gentle to a Stranger
 Maintain Your Perspective
 Practice Tough Love
 Keep a Journal
 Develop an Honesty Philosophy
 Honor Your Past
 Start Your Day Well
 Learn to Say No Gracefully
 Take a Weekly Sabbatical
 Talk to yourself
 Schedules worry breaks
 Model a Child
 Remember, Genius is 99% Inspirations
 Care for the Temple
 Learn to Be Silent



This book is really worth reading! Everything explained in the book is true. The book

Probably would have more of a common solution, especially to the people who have a very

Hectic life style and have a  routine work. This book mainly for Lessons for Life.

Best Quote Of this book :

* “I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.”
* “Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it,”
“How high you will rise in your life will be determined not by how hard you work but by how well you think.”
“Kindness, quite simply, is the rent we must pay for the space we occupy on this planet.” 

So here we finished...
You can comment me whatever else you want me to add in this blog,, i'll appreciate your thoughts, view and comments..

Thank You..!!!!!

Book Review Of Shashi Tharoor: Why I Am A Hindu? | Must Read a Book tell us difference the between Hinduism and Hindutva

Hello Everyone,
                         Today I'm going to talk about the person who himself a genius and need not to introduce. A single man with lots of work.,Dr. Shashi Tharoor is an Indian Politician, writer, speaker and former International Diplomat..Shashi Tharoor is serving as a Member of Parliament from Thiruvanantpuram, Kerala since 2009.

BJP Built The Most Extraordinary Personality Cult Around Modi ...

Dr. Shashi Tharoor is an eloquent speaker and has participated in many debated across all over the countries, As well as he has written about 18 books till now. And Among 18, I'll talk about "Why I Am A Hindu?"

Buy Why I Am a Hindu Book Online at Low Prices in India | Why I Am ...

So basically this book is divided into Three Parts:
(i)My Hinduism
(ii)Political Hinduism
(iii)Taking Back Hinduism

Ganga Aarti Haridwar | Ganga Aarti timings, photos, address

Firstly, Dr. Tharoor describes that he written this book for two main reasons. The first was to try and understand for himself, and for whoever else was interested, the extraordinary faith wisdom and virtues of faith he has lived for over six decades, a faith that he has tried to absorb through beliefs and practices handed down to him by his Father and others, his own observations, as well as an-extensive reading of the scriptures in translation and numerous scholarly treatise.

The second reason he wrote this book to show that the intolerant and often violent forms of Hindutva that began to impose themselves on the public consciousness of Indians in the 1980s went against the spirit of Hinduism, that most plural, inclusive, eclectic and expansive of faiths.

The Book is telling the actual difference between Hinduism And Hindutva. The Concerns in the book is actually for those who knows Dr. tharoor's writing, have been around for quite sometime the Great Indian Novel now 31 years old and its concerned the Dharma was explicit in his novel write and he spokes about some detail about Hindu-Muslim violence and accompanied the Ramshila-Pujan and so on before the rise of RamJanma Bhoomi movement.

Dr. Tharoor's alluded to his own Hinduism, Five years after the destruction of Babri Masjid. These are all concerns that he has expressed in different ways in both fiction and Non-Fiction in his writing.
According to Dr. Tharoor, If we look at Hinduism as a faith and then look at Hindutva, the later it is politically Ideology that is essentially is well described as a religion.

Somehow, on the backs of Hindutva Political Ideology, one is found whole bunch of people arrogating them to themselves, the rights to tell of others and there he thoughts to fight backs and push back to against it. And the useful things an an intellectual exercise was to do so within the faith because it suits the interest of Hindutva brigade to portray this fundamental argument as being one between Hindus and Godless secularist. Well Infact there is a more fundamental argument between Hinduism itself which he described in faith (Tharoor's faith)  and Dr. Tharoor has his own views and it is not the view of Hindutva Brigade.

This book contains many lines which is from Rig vedas and Bhagwat Geeta and some sloks in Sanskrit which also translated into English as well. The book start with great souls of Hinduism and the lecture of Swami Vivekanand and Adi Shankara was not merely a philosophical thinker who reconciled the doctrines and traditions of the ancients with a robust interpretation for the future.

Book also describing how both Jainism and Buddhism is related to Hinduism and how it become the form of Hinduism. And also book is railing the condition of India at the time of Muslim invaders like Chengiz khan, Mahumud of Ghazni and Mohd. Ghori , they all looted the temple like Somnath temple, Virandavan Shri-Krishna Janm Bhumi temple and abducted many Hindu women's.

The impact of Muslim invasions, and the proclivity of some Muslims warlords to attack temple for their treasures and demolish them in the process, as well as the inclination of some conquered people to adopt the religion of their conqueror, made the needs for renewal and revivcal of Hidu faith all the more urgent after the 11th century, when Ghazni's success had rung the alarm bells.

Whereas book also containing the bhakti movement of the people of different religion like Ramanuja, Kabir Das, Tulsi Das, Mira Bai, Lalleshwari(Lalla Rukh) and Blind Surdas. Here Dr. Tharoor tries to explained us that if we had trust in God then he'll never let us fail.
As Mirabai has immense believe in God Krishna her husband tried to poision her, but miraculously the poision turned into honey as she drank it, and she danced in ecstasy before her adored lord. As one of her hymns declares with the sense of abandonment ans ecstatic devotion for which she is known: Tying anklets upon her feet, Mira dances in Ecstasy. People say Mira has gone mad.
Her Mother-in-law says she disgraced the clan, The Rana(Mirabai's Husband) sent her a cup of poison, which Mira laughingly, drank. And nothing happened to her. This is belief, this is faith..

The Book also deals with the thoughts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who founded the Brahmo-Samaj and after him a dynamic Hindu sage, Swami Dayanand Saraswati established the Arya-Samaj.

Hinduism not just a religion, but the very way of life worth emulating. Briefly delving on the probable origins of Hinduism, the challenges it faced all along its many millennia-old existence, the ways in which it overcame those challenges and the innumerable saints and holy personae that stand as shining beacons for all the virtues that Hinduism is all about. Ironically, Mr. Tharoor makes you feel proud about being Hindu, more than all the antics and assertions of the so-called saviors of the ‘Hindutva’ brigade.

I loved the first part of the book. It is well researched and various references quoted really brought out my beliefs in a new light, the way I was taught about them and how it seemed to be confided in today.
The basic quality of the book is that it maintained its neutralism without taking sides. Hinduism could be talked more as a culture than as a religion is a conclusion I reach as I flipped pages ahead.
Freedom of belief and excising faith is duly a personal call and contributing factors could be the land you are born in and the household you are brought up but how you approach to the divine is a connection and a journey taken by you.
I could resonate with most of the thoughts presented in the book and also could appreciate many of the references made of different beliefs.

Whereas, the second part of the book are used by politician Shashi Tharoor, who uses it as a canvas to paint a poor – many times, correctly so – picture about his political opponents, especially those belonging to the Hindutva brigade. Starting from the patriarchs of RSS, Golwalkar and Savarkar, who used hatred for another religion to fuel the passion for their own, touching upon the somewhat sensible life of Deen Dayal Upadhyay, to the present day leaders of BJP, who rode upon paranoia and hatred of a huge scale to attain their political gains, Shashi Tharoor has ‘immortalized’ everyone with his systematic arguments against their narrow ideologies, setting them against the all-encompassing backdrop of Hinduism.

As he strongly condemned BJP in his book and told that BJP's priciples is provoking and evoking the people in the wrong way. As he mentioned the riots of Gujarat (2002), after that riots BJP's then Prime Minister Atal Vihari Vajpayee was going to ask a resignation from Narendra Modi, but due to Sangh, he didn't found himself able to do so..And Narendra Modi got another chance in 2007 and 2012 in Giujarat and he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat with full majority.. And Later on he played the trump card of Hindutva for 2014 lok-sabha election and Modi-wave came and all India supported BJP and first time in a history of lok-sabha a ruling party has no muslim MP's in a parliament.

Dr. Sahshi Tharoor also condemning the thoughts of Yogi Adityanath and described him thinking as a small and fallen. As Yogi Adityanath made Anti-Romeo squad and called Taj-Mahal against the Hindu-Civilization.

What it is hard to believe is that people claiming to be abiding by the values of a religion fail to realize the lines between segments of their beliefs toe in with secularist, to not be allied with any particular religion or spiritual matters.

Overall, it is good to see the big picture of both sides and get different perspectives about how one can perceive Hinduism and Hindutva. Also, one can put distinction to a Hindu Communist and a Hindu who is also a Communist.

Conclusion :

*As a Hindu, I can say when people tell me 'Garv Se Kaho Ki Tum Hindu Ho' that I am proud to be Hindu, but in what is it that we are to take pride? I take pride in the openness, the diversity, the range, the lofty metaphysical aspirations of the Vedanta; of the various ways in which Hinduism is practised, eclectically, and of its extraordinary acceptance of differences.

*I am a Hindu , and I am Nationalist, bit I am not a Hindu nationalist. My nationalism is unquestioningly, all-embracingly, Indian.

*Survival is the best revenge, rather than reprisal; undoing the wrongs in different era through new wrongs in a different context only compound the original sins.

*The Hinduism that I know understands that faith is a matter of hearts and minds, not bricks and stones. "Build Ram in your hearts" is what Hinduism has always enjoined: If Ram is in your heart, it would matter very little where else He is, or is not.

*I feel that it is alright to think that Hinduism as a way of life is great but it’s not alright to think that only Hinduism ‘as we understand it’ is superior to any other way of life. It is very important now, more than it ever was, to disconnect Hindutva, the political ideology, from Hinduism, which is a way of life.

So here we finished the review of Shashi Taroor's book (Why I Am a Hindu)..I hope it will help you to know the difference between Hindutva and Hinduism.

You can comment me whatever else you want me to add in this blog,, i'll appreciate your thoughts, view and comments..


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