Muniba Mazari : A women who can't find a Hero in her life, So she became one.!!!

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                         Today I am going to write about the Women who faces lots of problems in her life at a very young age and never gave-up in her life, And motivates herself to live a life even when no-one stands with her, she was all alone.

Yes I am talking about the lady who inspired me most through her thoughts, through her sacrifices, through her Intention towards life..MUNIBA MAZARI , a lady who don't need any kinds of Introduction, She herself a Superwomen and superwomen's need not to Introduce..They Intoduce their-self by the their work, by their way of seeing life, by believing own-self in every situations of life..
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The world in which we are living, This world is so strange. In this strange world, some faces should not be displayed such as some of our politician, some religious personality. But despite of all some faces are so relevant and significance, they should be displayed in Title of every Magazines, Books, Articles etc.,And One of these faces is the face of  MUNIBA MAZARI.

I am Greatly Inspired by her, when I got a chance to read and listen her through various ways..That's why I decided to write everything about MUNIBA'S life, And I hope as I feel so rejuvenated and privileged after reading about her, In that same manner you would feel the same.

*Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani Artist, Activist, Anchor, Motivational Speaker, Brand Ambassador for UN women Pakistan..Muniba was born on March 3, 1987, and she belongs to typical Typical Baloch family. As for every child his first teacher is always his parents, Similarly Muniba's First teacher is her Father. Her Father was her first Art Teacher. She has got the Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.

*Muniba's life can be divided in two halves..In first part of her life she got married at the age of 18 for her father's happiness..Although she was not happy with her marriage but anyhow she sustained her unhappy Marriage for Two years.

*On 27 February, 2008 a day came which changed Muniba's Life Completely. "At that day she was Travelling with her Husband from Quetta to Rahim Yar Khan..But during the journey her Husband felt asleep in Car and Car met an accident. That accident gives her major injuries including break bone, Rib cage, Shoulder blade, Collarbone and Spine.

*The Place where this accident had happened, There was no way to Call Ambulance, Anyhow she managed to reach local hospital.When Muniba reached to Hospital she said to doctor "I Can't Feel My Legs"..That horrible accident paralyzed her body.

*After some time she referred to Karachi for better Treatment. After doing all checkups Doctor said to Muniba that "she won't be able to walk in future, Paint or give Birth. This sentence left Muniba in questioning her-self to the existence of her in the world.

*From that day Muniba decided that she is going to live her life for her-self..At that very tough time, when Muniba needs her family, her parents, her Husband the most. They didn't stand with her and leave her all alone, Nobody supported her but her mother supported her, encouraged her to live a life.

*Muniba spents two years of her life in hospital in a bed-ridden..Her husband decided to leave her and got married with another women..Even-though his father left her mother because she was giving support to Muniba .

"Nobody supports you when you are all alone, You need to stand up alone and gather some courage and fight till death."

*During her hospital time Muniba used to sketch some painting and she also gives a slogan which is
"Let your wall wear colors". Although it is too hard to paint something when you are in wheel -chair and being paralyzed..It is not easy to paint something with free mind even-though when you are in wheel-chair. But Muniba bearing all pain inside and never expressed her pain in front of  anyone.

Muniba's some painting when she was in hospital;

Muniba Mazari - Title: Me, myself and I! Size: 48”x36”... | Facebook muniba mazari paintings - Google Search | Mixed media artists, Artist,  Tribal art                             Muniba's Art From the Heart                         
* She paints for the people and she believes in spreading the message of "NEVER GIVE UP."  

*After getting discharge from the Hospital, She adopted a son called Nael. And she is raising a Nael with all happiness..After leaving Hospital Muniba proposed to work with PTV channel. PTV offers her a role of anchor and Muniba accepted that proposal..Therefore she became the first TV anchor who is in wheel-chair..And she also sending message to youth that "WE SHOULD NOT STOP LIVING IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES"
Muniba with her child Nael;

*After that terrible accident Muniba starts her new inning with lots of courage and enthusiasm. She is living her life on her own terms and fighting will all her fears. MUNIBA became the Brand Ambassador for UN women in Pakistan.

*She also appears in BBC 100 womens for 2015 and among the Forbes'30 under 30 for 2016. She is the "Iron lady of Pakistan".

*Muniba also participate as a motivational speaker at different conferences forum she became Motivational speaker for the liveliness of the people who can't afford the bread and butter for their family and for their children. She is also a singer, no doubt a very good singer.

*She has a huge fan following among the youth and I can say that " I am one of them".

*Muniba always shares a positive attitude towards life and giving motto to us "NEVER GIVE UP".

*In present time Muniba living happy life with his adopted child Nael and she teaches him everything about life.

Here are the some quotes of Muniba Mazari which can inspire anyone;

*"Always love your mother because you'll never get another"

*"When you accept the way you are the world will recognize you"

*"People teach their children not to be selfish and not to say 'me' and 'I'. We all need others to survive- not just in our personal relationships, but in all our relationships. Think of 'we' not 'me'."

*"The secret of happiness is being grateful for what you have, not what you don't have or what you've lost"

*"Success is not how well people know you, Success is how well you know yourself."

*"Healing doesn't come for us.
   It comes from us, through us.!!"

*"I couldn't find a hero in my life, So I became one."

Mazari's views on "Everything happens for a reasons";


so here we came to an end. Now you can share me your views on what you like the most in this blog..As for me Muniba inspired me a lot by her thoughts, by her slogan..(Never give up) thought inspired me a lot whatever situation came in our life, we must have to face it with lots of zest...

Now tell me what you going to do differently after reading about Muniba's life..As she faces lots of problems in her life at a very young age..She stands stiff with the problem and faced it with all her courage...

So, If you like to suggest me for the things which I haven't mentioned in this blog..I'll appreciate that..






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