Book Review | One Arranged Murder : Chetan Bhagat Latest Novel

If you have ever read Chetan Bahgat's books before, then you must have found that how he uses his mind to write a story.

If you guise have read The Girl in the Room 105, then it is a good thing,  if not that's ok too, because One Arranged Murder is a prequal of A Girl in the Room 105.

Story Lines:

One Arranged Murder is a story of two best friends- Keshav & Sourabh. They are also flat-mates, colleagues and business partners at the detective agency that they had recently found.

Now these are the same guise whom we saw in the last book of Chetan Bhagat which was the girl in the room 105.

Though these guise are best friends but these guise are not talking and the reason is because Keshav is too critical of Prerna's vade.

Who is Prerna?

Well Prerna is Sourabh Feancee. And she is little on the heavier side and somehow this fact bothers Keshav a lot and he just can't stop talking about prerna's vade.

And one fine day when this cut out of hand Keshav and Sourabh had a huge fight about it and ever since then have stopped talking completely.

Now Coming to Prerna & Sourabh...

Prerna & Sourabh met in arranged marriage setup, but actually they are more lovey-dovey and they are more cheesy than and even more than romantic any love-marriage couple.

Sourabh is just not able to find time for Keshav, for his detective agency even for his office work and that's bothers Keshav.

So what Keshav Does?

He sulks, he also complaints and he talks about Prerna's vade, which is something..Let's not go there..!!!

Now Prerna is an adorable girl who is absolutely head over heels in love with Sourabh and she actually wants to keep a fast for him, a fast for occasion of Karwa Chouth. 

So she does exactly that, she fast for him the entire day, she doesn't eat or drink anything and then in the evening she invite Sourabh to break her fast, but when Sourabh reaches the terrace of Prerna's house. He finds One Arranged Murder.

So this is the story of one arranged marriage which suddenly turns into one arranged murder.

*Well this book is classic Masala drama, because it has all the ingredients of typical Bollywood Masala it has romance, it has drama, it has friendship, it has love and of course in the end it also has murder adventure, mystery, thriller and suspense. So all of this put together to make it a classic masala drama about a family who seems perfect from the outside like they just appeared to be a prefect family. But when get deeper you'll find out that every single person in the family has their own secrets.

* The book is very-very fast paste, normally when I read a thriller, it takes me while to get into the mystery to understand how everything is happening, what is the context and the entire setting. But in this book i clearly remember it was just 

25 pages and I was already sucked into it.

*Now most of the stories in the first person narration as it was narrated by Keshav, but sometimes we do see different formats being used.

For example- There is a particular section where the story is told and taken forward in terms of transcribe testimonies.

So what happens here is police investigation is take place and police interviews & people and lot of suspects and we as a reader get to know about these investigations through these testimonies.

*Even though the entire book is actually a mystery, there is light hearted tone that over past everything even the mystery.

So basically, at no point of time we are actually scared. The reader doesn't get edge of the seat thriler vibes and there is no sense of foreboding or dark undertone which is there in the book.

What Did I Like?

* I like the way the Chetan Bhagat has experimented with his narration style. In addition to that Chetan has also sometimes change the narrator, so sometime we get to hear story of different people from their own points of view.

*It also running social commentary and lot of things that is happening in the society and are wrong with society.

*Through this book, Chetan highlights how some people do not want to use word Dowry but nevertheless they are very much interested in getting something.

*Another thing than Chetan talks to you about is the concept of big fat Indian wedding, how even if he do not have the money, we'll beg, borrow often steal the money just to make sure the wedding is liverish and fantastic and everybody is wowed, even we can't afford it.

Family Honor

*How people want to hold on to family honor, often at the cost of justice, at the cost of ethics, their values and their responsibilities.

What I don't like:

*I think Chetan like to use of languages, which is somehow improper and somehow not upto the mark.

The Climax:

*Now in someway the end is partly predictable in the sense that who has committed the crime, but it only happens in the last 50 pages and even then do not get to know the how and the why.

Is This Book Entertaining?

*Yes definitely, the book is entertaining, in a way most Chetan Bhagat books are.

Why you should choose this book up:

*If you already a Chetan Bhagat book fan, who enjoys his writing and who enjoys his books.

*If you are in the beginner level.

*If you do not have read lot of mystery book, thriller book. Then you may read this book.

*If you are looking for easy read.

Book Review | One Arranged Murder : Chetan Bhagat Latest Novel

If you have ever read Chetan Bahgat's books before, then you must have found that how he uses his mind to write a story. If you guise ha...