Chetan Bhagat | BOOK Review | One Night at The Call Centre | Must Read the very interesting book

One night at Call center is written by Chetan Bhagat who is one of the most famous novelist in modern era . He wrote four more novels those are five point someone , The three mistakes of my life , Revolution 2020 , State .
One Night at Call center is the book/novel based on the life of the middle class family in India and their problems . IT is a story of emotions which shows pity , love , sorrow and ambitions . It denotes to the many aspects of human life. It deals with the expectations of people and the frustration after not fulfilling them .

The story of One night at call center rotates around 6 people .
Three are male and three and females .
All of them are working in a same group in a call center .They all are very different from each other but they have a similarity in them that all of them are fed up with their lives and their lives are very mess.

This story is about a night at call center which totally changes the lives of all the people , not just lives actually it changes their way of thinking .It changes their way to deal with the problems of their lives .

Shyam Mehra ,is the narrator of the story and is the main character of the story . He is very much unclear in his life . He is a very simple boy . He loves Priyanka who has got engaged with Ganesh an NRI boy . He is sad because of it and second thing is that he thinks that his boss has cheated him and Varun.

Varun is a friend of Shyam and does not want to do the job but he wants to keep up his standard up so he has to work there . Priyanka's mother wants her to marry Ganesh next month but she does not want . She still feels something for Shyam . Later on Shyam tell her about the baldness of Ganesh who hid this from her . Esha singh or Eliza is an ambitious girl who wants to become a model .

She runs away from house and join call center in o rder to fulfill her dreams .She does many compromises . But she is bluffed by a man who said her that she is not suitable for being a model .
Her life shows the ambitious middle class youth/youngster who are running after blind race of materialism .

Radhika's call name is Regima Jones . She is married . She is not happy with her mother in law . She loves her hubby/husband a lot but when she comes to know that on a radio program he selects an another girl over her . She gets very upset.

Miltery uncle is the oldest person in call center but he is living a lonely life . His heart weeps for his grandson but he gets more upset when his grandson asks him to stop mailing him .
In this way everyone in the call centre is fed up with his life but one day at night everyone receives a call from God .

God motivates everyone and tells the way to handle their problems . He tell them not to get frustrated by problems . He suggests them to face the problems and to do 100% of efforts.After receiving the call the life of everyone is changed . Everyone started handling the problem with full of courage and finds out the best solution.

Shaym finally gets his love . Priyanka also refuses to get marry to Ganesha who hid his baldness . Esha starts working for NGOs . Military Uncle also got his family back at the end .
 The story of one night at call center is based on facts and fiction . The characters are taken from the real life . They represents the problem of middle class Indians . The story signifies the six different problems of six different people .

Priyanka representing the girl in India who has to follow the decision of parents at the matter of marriage . God gives the solution to it and tells her to believe in herself. Military uncle also represents old people who are ditched by the family and it is a common and a serious problem in society . At the last he also got his family back .

The story of the novel/book is very simple but the call from God makes it very interesting .
All the characters in this novel are young except military uncle .

 The language of the novel is very very simple and that's why people loved it while reading.

BEST QUOTE:There are four things a person needs for success: a medium amount of intelligence, a bit of imagination, self-confidence and failure.


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